Alex Dickinson
Alex in "journal 12 - alex"

Status Alive
Allegiance Project-New-World
First Appearance 'journal 12 - alex'. Previously heard speaking in 'journal 1 - streetlights'.

Alex is a teenage boy who is responsible for most of the footage in Project New World. He is first encountered in Simon's house alongside Alex and Simon . He is the one who returns to the house to tell Simon that Grey is injured.

Later, he contacts Simon unknowingly through text messages and arranges a meeting, where he tells Simon that he is meeting with Grey.

When he goes to meet Grey, he witnesses Plague appearing at the house, and flees, bringing Simon back the next day. When Simon falls from the docks, he then flees the garden and comes into contact with Slenderman.

He currently is running the Project-New-World tumblr.


  • Has 300 followers on tumblr, although this fact is disputed.