journal 12 - alex


Date October 8, 2012
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"journal 12 - alex" is the thirteenth video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

Youtube DescriptionEdit

alex will be recording his meeting with grey and sending it to me

General OverviewEdit

Simon and Alex meet in a park; as Alex goes to his car to retrieve his camera, Simon sees Plague for the first time. They then walk through the woods, and break their cameras climbing over a tree that has been knocked over, along with several others. They are then presumably attacked by Plague.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Plague, and so the first appearance of any of THEWICKEDSEVEN .
  • Simon says the line 'Who brings their dog to a park?' which is possibly a reference to the infamous 'You brought your dog!' line of Marble Hornets, which is an influential Slenderseries.