journal 14+ - eXperiment


Date October 22, 2012
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"Journal 14+ - eXperiment" is the sixteenth video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

Youtube DescriptionEdit


General OverviewEdit

In this video, Plague is seen sharpening a variety of horrific implements, before turning his attention to a figure strapped to a gurney, who is revealed to be Simon.


[00:01] The video begins with a person shapening a butcher knife. The whole journal is in black and white.
[00:04] Video distortion.
[00:27] A man in a plague doctor mask is shown. It appears that he was the one sharpening the knives.
[00:31] Video distortion.
[00:53] Title card: White text, black background: 14+
[00:55] Video is all black. We can hear Simon struggling.
Simon: I cannot fucking move!
[00:14] Video distortion.
[00:19] Video comes back to normal but it's upside down now, very likely because of the position of the camera. Simon is shown. He's being strapped to a table by other person (very likely Plague).
[01:24] Simon: What the fuck are you doing.
[01:28] Simon coughing.
Point Plague

Point Plague

Simon: What the fuck is going on!
[01:34] Simon is shown from different angle. Plague holding the butcher's knife.
Plague: Don't move. Shut up.
Plague is seen about to amputate Simon's arm. The video cuts out before contact is made.
[01:49] Title card: White text, black background: Point Plague.

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