intro video
Intro video

Intro video

Date September 2, 2012
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"intro video" is the first video in the ProjectNewWorld series. Simon explains what impelled him to upload videos.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

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General OverviewEdit

In this introduction to the series Simon explains that he awoke one morning with a splitting headache to find several videos he does not remember in his camera, showing two people who he has no memory of.


No sound. Title cards:White text, black background:

[00:01] today i woke up with a striking headache

[00:04] i could not remember what had happened the night before

[00:08] and i felt as if my head had been split in two

[00:11] i just wanted to listen to music and go to back to bed

[00:15] so i went to retrieve my SC card from my camera, which contained all of my music

[00:19] however, instead of music, i found several video files

[00:22] Background video: journal 2 - followers. No sound.

Text: the videos were of myself

[00:25] and two other people that i do not recognize

[00:29] whoever they were, they seemed to be friends of mine

[00:33] but i have no memory of them whatsoever

[00:37] from what i can gather from these videos

[00:40] we may have gotten into some sort of trouble

[00:42] Background video ends. Black screen and text only again.

Text: i will be posting the videos here to document the events

[00:46] and hopefully find these friends