"he watches""messin' with me""we'll be fine, whatever we do"
7A Call for HelpAlex
Alex (video)An Investigation in NormalcyAngel
Evidence (video)Familiar facesFollowers
Freakie findingsFreddie FreakieGrey
Grey (video)HeIntro video
Journal 15Just a follow upLucky number seven
MonisNORMALCYOctober 19 Asks
October 19 TakeoverPlaguePlanning to Investigate
Project New World WikiPuppeteerRunning
SandboxShip NamesSimOn (video)
The CallsThe JournalsThe King in Yellow
TheoriesTumblr Tags
File:"he watches"File:"messin' with me"File:"we'll be fine, whatever we do"
File:121019-221519.jpgFile:2012-10-28 021447.pngFile:A Call for Help
File:A x.pngFile:AlexFile:Alex 1.PNG
File:Alex 2.PNGFile:Angel 1.pngFile:Angel 2.png
File:Angel 3.pngFile:Angel ask.pngFile:Before
File:Bradajnbd.pngFile:Doctor dead.pngFile:EXperiment
File:EvidenceFile:Example.jpgFile:Familiar faces
File:Forum new.gifFile:Freakie findingsFile:Grey
File:Grey 1.PNGFile:HELP ME 01.pngFile:HELP ME 02.png
File:Iconn.pngFile:Intro videoFile:Journal 15
File:Journal 1 - streetlightsFile:Journal 20.pngFile:Journal 21 - The Calls
File:Journal 21 - The Calls-0File:Journal 3.pngFile:Lucky number seven
File:NORMALCYFile:Not followers.pngFile:Plague 1.PNG
File:Plague 2.PNGFile:Planning to investigateFile:Point Plague.png
File:Shh.pngFile:SimOnFile:Simon 1.PNG
File:Simon 2.PNGFile:Simon 3.PNGFile:Streetlights
File:Symbol.pngFile:They plnd.pngFile:Tori.png
File:Wickedseven.jpgFile:Wickedseven 2.pngFile:Wiki-background

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