Simon Varusche
Simon 3
Simon in 'journal 9 - familiar faces'

Status Missing in action
Allegiance Project-New-World
First Appearance 'intro video'. First heard speaking in 'journal 1 - streetlights'.

Simon is a teenage boy who wakes up one morning to find several video files on his video camera. He watches them to find video footage of himself and two unknown people (revealed to be Alex and Grey ).

He sets about posting the footage on the internet, and attempting to contact Alex and Grey. His attempts to meet with Grey end in hostility, but he meets with Alex who agrees to meet with Grey. Meanwhile, Simon's life begins to get stranger - a mysterious symbol is appearing around him, and he finds himself coughing.

When the meeting does not go as planned, Alex and Simon go to Grey's house, where Simon falls from Grey's docks into the water. He is later seen in 'journal 14+ - eXperiment ' where he is strapped to a gurney and possibly about to be operated on by Plague.

His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • One of THEWICKEDSEVEN is called Monis, which is an anagram of Simon, hinting to a possible link between the two.
  • Has 40 followers on tumblr.